Aeromon drone measuring emissions from a source

Why Us?

We are the pioneers in mobile emission monitoring

Emission Fenceline Measurements

The measurement services we offer have been creating value in various multinational industries since 2014, and is currently used by European maritime authorities. We have experience in measuring a wide variety of airborne pollutants, and our reports serve several functions both internally and externally for our clients.

Aeromon tank terminal results

With our unique solution, each customer can:

  • Improve safety by pinpointing leakages
  • Get access to clear, understandable data for faster and better decision making on process parameters or maintenance tasks
  • Reduce material costs caused by leakages
  • Support sustainable operations and create environmentally aware brands
Aeromon's typical measured parameters

The technology we utilise is developed in-house and, by way of its modular design, allows for the use of existing and future sensor technologies. Whilst our measurement capability is already market-leading, we continue to develop and innovate for us to ensure that the best available technology is at your disposal.

BH-12 device attached to a drone facing the viewer.


  • Highly effective in gathering emission data (especially smaller fugitive emission sources)
  • A powerful tool to monitor also previously inaccessible locations
  • Easy to pinpoint emission sources (for example odour sources or leak detection)
  • Concentration changes visualized in real-time over a map
  • Possibility to measure over a dozen compounds simultaneously (various gaseous compounds and particulate matter)