Aeromon drone measuring emissions from a source

Our technology

We are the pioneers in mobile emission monitoring

Aeromon BH-12

Market-leading technology

Years of learning and experience has enabled us to develop a platform which comprises of the BH-12 measuring device and an analytics system – Aeromon Cloud Service (ACS). The Platform delivers unmatched actionable real time results to our customers.

The device pumps sample air through a series of attached sensors, its modular structure allowing simultaneous measuring of multiple compounds and particulate matter depending on customer requirement. In addition to pollutants, it continuously monitors atmospheric factors and communicates the data in real time to our cloud platform, Aeromon Cloud Service (ACS). The cloud platform provides automated web reports with 3D data visualisation in real time.

Modularity enabling flexibility

By way of its modular design, our BH-12 measurement device, allows for the use of existing and future sensor technologies. We can measure multiple target parameters simultaneously, our current record standing at 14 gaseous compounds measured at the same time.

Whilst our measurement capability is already market-leading, we continue to develop and innovate for us to ensure that the best available technology is at your disposal.

A screen capture from ACS of a heatmap layered on a satellite image on top half and pollution levels at the bottom half.

Real-time visualised emission data

Our Aeromon Cloud Service reporting platform displays the measurement data in real time together with environmental factors and gps data. Platform can visualise the measured concentration levels as choropleth maps to provide an instant snapshots of emission sources in the area.



Aeromon tank terminal results

We are the pioneers of mobile emission monitoring

The measurement services we offer have been creating value in various multinational industries since 2014, and is currently used by European maritime authorities. We have experience in measuring a wide variety of airborne pollutants, and our reports serve several functions both internally and externally for our clients.