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Detect Leaks

Site-level (top-down) information on leakage locations and volumes

Aeromon's drone meausuring leakages

We can locate and quantify leakages on large industrial areas the most effective way available. The results are valuable for maintenance prioritization and to help you improve emission reporting according to for example OGMP 2.0 guidelines, EN17628:2022 standard. Each detected and fixed leak means savings in process costs in long term.

Our approach to measurements

Aeromon tank terminal results

Everything starts with locating possible leakage sources and identifying structures alongside you to form a measurement plan; this document includes the used measurement methods and relative site information. Such information would commonly arise from ATEX restrictions, where the measuring paths are chosen together with site personnel to be able to give points for source locations and further elaborate the degree to which they are emitting. 

Our quantification is currently based on a Reverse Dispersion Model (RDM) based on the Gaussian method. This means that the measuring device passes through an emission plume at multiple heights and distances to generate an average of the plume profile. With the calculation model, this information is used as a computational basis to give you a g/s or kg/h mass flow rate with corresponding error margins. 

Expertise and experience

Aeromon field engineer measuring a vent on top of a tank.

Comparative testing has been done in multiple projects including one provided by the European Gas Research Group, GERG; these were created to give insight into the OGMP 2.0. framework and the Gold Standard of reporting. During the two-phase project, site level (top-down) methods were compared against results from source level (bottom-up) methods.  

In the first phase, our method outperformed all other drone-based approaches and was chosen to continue to the second phase, the results of which are to be announced. These campaigns helped us hone our technological expertise, as well as refine our methods and understanding of how the surroundings affect the hyperlocal wind conditions.  

Typical target parameters

BH-12 device attached to a drone facing the viewer.

In addition to methane, our leak detection and quantification methods effectively detect various other compounds such as ammonia, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter. As sensor technology advances, so does the accuracy of our results in both reporting the concentrations and the mass flow rates. 

As we continue to develop, we will improve our evaluation methods for larger and more irregular emission sources, such as landfills and bodies of water, as well as even more compounds than currently available. 

We are happy to elaborate more on this subject and actively welcome future campaigns and challenges.  

Our Service Model

We tailor our services to aid in your mission

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Single Measurements

We offer one-time measurements to address pressing issues or as the basis for further collaboration. This is a turnkey package that comprises of planning, performing and reporting on the measurements.

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Recurrent Measurements

We implement periodic surveys of sites in aid of your environmental targets. A business model is created to ensure successful integration into your workflow.

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Long-term Monitoring

By way of rental agreement or continual monitoring, we deliver our most hands-on service. Based on purpose, this could include continuous reporting and in-person training.

Our Measurement Workflow

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We map out each measurement with you to ensure the set objective is realised. This is formed by an open discussion at a level of specificity necessary for the site.

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Whilst on site, we remain in close contact with you and adapt to any changes in conditions. Preliminary results are provided as the measurements progress.

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Once the survey has concluded, we prepare and deliver a thorough report that we go through with you in an online meeting. This provides an opportunity for addressing any questions you have and discussing future measurements.

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Aeromon field engineer measuring a vent on top of a tank.
Site-level top-down emission information