Aeromon BH-12 measuring device set up to perform long-term monitoring

Monitor Processes

Continuous and real-time measurements to support process development and operations

Asphalt Production Site

We provide an excellent way to detect and develop elements of the process. Obtaining first-hand information about the changes in measurements while conducting process changes gives great feedback options for process monitoring. Continuous measuring or single operations, we offer them both always based on your needs. 

Aeromon flaring measurements

We have the expertise needed to propose the most suitable method for obtaining valuable results to understand process variables. Depending on the process, monitoring can be done continuously over a longer period, or by means of recurrent measurements following operational activities. Gathered measurement data is followed in real-time in both cases and additional analysis, such as quantifying single sources, is available alongside the reporting. 

Single measurements provide targeted snapshots and entail studying emissions under changing conditions or process phases. Measuring is scheduled to take place when a specific process phase or environmental condition is occurring. By measuring recurrently under differing conditions, we are able to improve your understanding of their immediate effect on the emissions and their severity. 

A drone hovering close to a process plants roof top and a noise source.

Longer term measurements are performed with a semi-fixed device setup. Data gathered over an extended period provide the clearest image of how changes in process variables or environmental factors affect airborne emissions, or can be used to monitor sporadically emitting sources. 

Reference: Examples of process monitoring campaigns provided by us: flaring efficiency, fuel tank refills, wastewater treatment process modifications, raw material modifications in process, etc. Wastewater treatment