Employee spotlight: Beatriz

Employee Spotlight,

This article is written by our summer trainee, Maya Sopori. This is the second part of a series on employee roles and experiences here at Aeromon.

Beatriz joined Aeromon in August 2023, as a sales manager in Amsterdam. With her strong linguistic capabilities, she takes responsibility for projects with our Latin American clients. 

Maya: What do you find exciting about your role at Aeromon? 

Beatriz: As a sales manager and business strategist, I love my job because it varies day-to-day. I speak Spanish and Portuguese, so I’m versatile and able to give advice and input on many projects with clients from all around the world. Travelling is a great pro of my job. I’ve attended conferences and I’ll be joining the field team in South America later this autumn which I am looking forward to a lot. I work on exciting projects and collaborate with the team in meetings – I enjoy that as well. Working with others is exciting to me. Just from a general perspective, the growth of Aeromon is very exciting to me. Our employee count is growing; our customer base is growing very fast. I feel the growth of Aeromon goes beyond sales, it’s also our impact in the world which is getting stronger. It’s a super rewarding feeling, I take great pride in what I do and so does the whole company. 

Maya: What are your passions, and did they lead you to Aeromon?

Beatriz: I have a passion for sustainability, in college I spearheaded sustainable practices and tried to transfer my knowledge to others on how to be more sustainable. Obviously, later on, this led me to Aeromon, where I can further my passion and share my knowledge. I’m also passionate about sports, I play football and volleyball – Aeromon’s flexibility with my work hours and the lack of control over my schedule means I can remain active. Not really something that led me to Aeromon, but working here allows me plenty of time to keep a healthy work-life balance. 

Maya: What have you learned whilst at Aeromon?

Beatriz: I have learned so much about emission tracking and the business. For instance, business-wise, the importance of learning from other companies and cases we work with, as well as collaborating with industry players instead of being overly competitive. These are valuable things to keep in mind, as Aeromon aims to transfer our knowledge and collaborate with our customers to raise awareness about responsible emission tracking practices. The importance of emission tracking has also become more apparent to me since I joined, especially as our CEO attended COP28 to bring more awareness to methane emission regulation and more resolutions were passed recently to promote closer monitoring of our huge methane output as a planet.

Maya: What do you cherish about working here?

Beatriz: My freedom, no one micromanages me and everyone trusts one another to complete their projects to the highest standard they can. The atmosphere we have is full of support and teamwork. It’s a very trust based organisation, which I value a lot, my job is also rewarding and enjoyable – I could never complain. We also take care to hire the right people, people who are easy-going and will fit in our work culture; I am grateful for that. 


Maya Sopori

Summer Intern