Employee spotlight: Daniel

Employee Spotlight,

This article is written by our summer trainee, Maya Sopori. This is the first part of a series of articles, providing insíghts employees roles and experiences.

As a high school student and summer trainee at Aeromon, I was keen to find out about the experiences of employees as well as gain insight into the day-to-day work they do to pioneer emission monitoring worldwide. 

Daniel, one of Aeromon’s software developers, works closely with the newly improved ACS database technology, as well as collaborating with the field team to curate the interconnection between the software and hardware that we use to gain understanding into gas emissions. 

Maya: How would you explain the software Aeromon uses to someone who isn’t familiar with its function?

Daniel: Essentially, when the field team takes measurements, there are measuring devices known as BH-12, with various sensors that react to the atmospheric gases present. The devices can measure up to 14 gases at a time. The data is then sent in real time to our online platform, called ACS, which helps us analyse, display and make conclusions from the data collected. ACS is an incredibly unique software that allows for mobile and instant analysis and evaluation of gas emissions; we then report our findings from our technology to our customers.

Maya: So what does a typical day of work look like for you?

Daniel: Some key aspects of my work day include communicating with the field team and developing the ACS software that they use to measure emissions for our customers around the globe. Typically, this involves troubleshooting or bug fixes and ensuring they have all the equipment and resources they need to take their measurements. I enjoy working with the field team a lot; we have a really positive and relaxed atmosphere and everyone is supportive of one another.

Maya: What are a few things you love about Aeromon/few things that set it apart from other companies?

Daniel: Most of all, I enjoy the company of my colleagues – I enjoy going to work with them. Everyone is laid-back and accepting, we all get along and can make jokes. We are all willing to help each other and work together when solving problems that may arise, even if it’s outside someone’s area of expertise. I would say Aeromon is extremely special, not only because we are pioneers in what we do, but because we have this unique connection between our software and hardware. Often it’s difficult to see where coding and software is applied in real life, however at Aeromon, we develop an interconnection between both of those aspects. It’s really rewarding to see my work in action, basically. Also, it’s amazing how Aeromon has such a diverse customer base and a proportionally large outreach around the world, it’s always a good feeling to know that the work we do has a positive impact. I think that also really binds us as a company.


Maya Sopori

Summer Intern