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Aeromon briefly

Aeromon is a global front-runner in mobile emissions monitoring technology and services. The measurement services we offer have been creating value in various multinational industries since 2014. We have experience in measuring a wide variety of airborne pollutants, our reports helping our clients in progressing with sustainability goals and improving emission reporting according to for example OGMP 2.0 Level 5 and EN17628 requirements.


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Services Description

Aeromon tank terminal chloropleth

Methane Emissions Detection & Quantification in Compliance with OGMP 2.0 Program & EU Methane Regulations 

Accurate Localisation and Quantification: 

Aeromon’s BH-12 device measures a wide range of airborne pollutants, including methane, with high precision, meeting OGMP 2.0 and EU regulations. Deployable via drones or handheld, it offers flexibility in accessing hard-to-reach areas for comprehensive emission coverage. Aeromon’s validated quantification tools include direct measurement, mass balance, and reverse dispersion modelling, with more methods in development.

Real-Time Data Visualisation:

The Aeromon Cloud Service (ACS) offers real-time data processing and visualisation, allowing companies to monitor emissions continuously and respond promptly to any detected anomalies. This real-time capability supports the ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements by ensuring that emission levels are consistently within the permissible limits.

Automated Reporting: 

The Aeromon Cloud Service (ACS) provides real-time data processing and visualisation, enabling continuous emission monitoring and prompt response to anomalies. This supports regulatory compliance by ensuring emission levels remain within permissible limits.

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Leak Detection and Repair

Aeromon enhances Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) in industries like oil and gas with advanced technologies for efficient leak detection and mitigation.

Aeromon Drone-Based Detection: 

Aeromon partners with local drone operators, equipping drones with sensor technology to quickly detect leaks from the air. This aerial approach, integrated with ground-based LDAR teams, improves speed and cost-effectiveness.. 

Real-time Data Analysis: 

Aeromon’s platform processes data in real-time using advanced algorithms to enable accurate detection and prioritisation of high-risk leaks.

Integrated Multi-Technology Approach: 

The Aeromon platform combines drones, fixed sensors, and mobile ground labs for comprehensive monitoring across various facilities and conditions.

Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency: 

Using drones and mobile technologies, Aeromon reduces LDAR program costs while maintaining high detection accuracy, enabling frequent and focused inspections, which are crucial for mitigating emissions effectively. 

Long-term Impact: 

Aeromon’s technology supports repeated and continuous surveys, leading to significant reductions in emissions over time. Regular monitoring and quick repairs facilitated by their advanced systems ensure long-term effectiveness in emission reduction. 

Utilizing Different Calculations and Measurement Methodologies: 

Aeromon incorporates advanced calculations and measurement methodologies to enhance the accuracy and reliability of their LDAR programs. The platform uses a combination of real-time data analysis, probabilistic models, and simulation techniques to estimate emission rates and detect leaks. This includes the use of Monte Carlo simulations and dual-measurement methods to improve the precision of leak detection and quantify emissions accurately. These methodologies ensure that Aeromon can provide detailed and actionable insights for effective leak management and mitigation.


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Flare Measurements

Aeromon drone measuring a flare

With Aeromon’s UAV-assisted emission monitoring services, companies gain access to real-time insights into flaring operations. Aeromon utilizes advanced sensor technologies to provide precise and comprehensive measurements of flaring activities. From quantifying methane slip to analyzing combustion efficiency, we deliver accurate data, enabling informed decision making and targeted optimization strategies.

Destruction Efficiency  

Quantifying unburnt Methane emissions and correlating this data with the mass flow of methane input to the flare.  

Combustion Efficiency  

Includes simultaneous measurement and analysis of the concentrations of flaring emissions such as Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Volatile Organic Compounds and even NOx emissions.


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Aeromon Emission Measurements

ISO 9001 certified 

ISO 17025 accreditation pending (aimed by end of 2024)