A drone hovering close to a process plants roof top and a noise source.

Mining & Steel

Measuring noise in previously inaccessible locations along with dust and other emissions to further study current production processes and their casualties.

Aeromon UAV assisted measurements conducted

The environmental impact of industrial sites on surrounding areas is challenging to document. We provide the best solution available for monitoring noise and dust dispersion. By performing continuous real time measurements, we are able to examine the contributions of different processes and how process variables affect emissions.  

A drone with a BH-12 device hovering in the air.

Fugitive emissions occur at every stage of mining and steel manufacturing and is a common challenge faced in this sector. Understanding their sources and the severity of their impact to surrounding areas has been difficult to measure using traditional methods. Our services adapt well to challenging field operation conditions and are often assisted by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) but can be used with other means of mobile device installations or as a handheld device. 

Emission Fenceline Measurements

By utilising our fenceline method, we measure the dilution and spread of emissions at multiple altitudes and distances from a point or area source. The resulting 3D emission data gives you unprecedented insight into how harmful emission concentrations disperse. 

Our Area Mapping technique produces site level data in a systematic and repeatable way. Area mappings are valid at any point in the lifecycle of the site. In particular, pinpointed sources are inspected individually in greater detail to provide more specific information, such as concentration levels and quantities.

Aeromon Area Mapping

After analysis the data we obtain is presented in an easy-to-understand heat map that is overlaid on top of a satellite image and infrastructure map if provided. These maps, known as choropleth maps, efficiently give a comprehensive view of the whole site with pinpointed sources. 

Our services provide advantages that are seen in both the short and long term. The emission data resulting from a single measurement offers unique insights when studying daily adjustments in processes as well as in targeting maintenance and developments and validating their effectiveness. In the longer term, when comparing to previous measurements you gain a clear indication of how you are advancing towards your sustainability goals. 

Aeromon Service Process

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The measurements are planned and reviewed with the client to ensure the best possible outcome. Measurement plan can be reviewed by needed interest groups before purchasing decision and updated by Aeromon when needed. Aeromon will provide a site specific risk analysis and permits for flying.

A stylized image of a drone carrying a BH-12 device.


Aeromon will conduct measurements according to plan adapting to possible changes / new points of interest during the day. Preliminary results are gone through with the customer and further measurements can be conducted in customer’s areas of interest to locate emission sources.

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A thorough report is delivered shortly after the campaign. Report will be gone through with an Aeromon specialist in an online meeting. Next steps and further measurements are discussed to validate future development, maintenance work etc.

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